Product Pathway

Here at Surefil we can guide you through the full process of creating the perfect product. Below is a brief guide of what takes place prior to achieving a full finished product. 

Initial Idea

Approach us with your initial ideas and we can turn them into a reality.

Formulation & Development

Surefil has a full technical team in place ready to help you from concept to final finished product. Our team is dedicated to producing a formulation to match your specification and needs.

Component Sourcing

Our Purchasing Manager has built up a vast amount of contacts within the market, we can help you find the perfect components and labels.


All of our products are micro tested as standard, this is conducted in house by ourselves. Stability and compatibility testing is again conducted by ourselves over 12 weeks.


We pride ourselves on supplying high quality products – all components and raw materials are inspected on arrival & our production lines are monitored with regularly detailed checks being carried out

Microbiology Testing

We conduct in house microbiology testing on the bulk prior to filling or assembling. Finished products are also tested prior to being released.

Regulatory Support

Our in house team will deal with all your products regulatory needs. We conduct stability and compatibility in house on your behalf, our safety assessments are conducted by a third party.